Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I need to chill

So today was absolutely CRAZY! I went to school this morning and was called down right away with the rest of our play cast for a dress rehearsal. The middle school is doing a play called Christmas Scene Investigators that I wanted to get involved in this year. We have been practing for about a month now and today was our first real performance. We performed for the 4th and 5th graders today and Thursday we have our night performance for the community and parents and Friday we do it for our school (6th, 7th, and 8th grades), I have to say our first time through was a bit skaky. I didn't mess up of course ;) but there were others. But hopefully we are now ready for our shows later this week. So then I had to go back to 4th hour at school with all of my stage makeup still left on my face as I wasn't given time to wash it off. So I got to deal with all the guys and everyone making fun of me and giving me weird looks the rest of the day. And of course my part requires the most makeup out of anybody else in the cast so I was the easiest to make fun of. ;( But anyways, right when I got back I had a student council meeting. Our school is taking part in a fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network which is an organization which raises money for Hellen DeVos Children's Hospital and I am the chair of the committe so I am in charge of all that. Colleting, counting and sorting money, hanging posters, spreading the word, leading doughnut and cookie sales, keeping track of the competetions..ugh. it's just so much. I am going crazy I think! And of course all the extra added stress around the holidays..christmas cards, gifts, get-togethers...oh my word. Plus our band and choir concerts are comming up along with musical and basketball tryouts. And for all of you who don't think teenagers know what stress really is..lol..trust me I do. ;) I will post more pictures of my play this weekend from our Friday's performance for you all. This is just one of me and my friend shannon dressed up as an elf backstage before dress rehearsal....with all our crazy makeup just done.
This is just a quick video I wanted to show you all which Ingrid and I made of Sophia...hope you get a good laugh for the day ;)