Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Getting through it

So I thought it was about time for another post as It's been awhile.  

Time just flies so fast.... 
Well, life is crazy.  I am not playing any sports at the moment but of course I've still been busy.  Friends, school, High school basketball games, student council, shopping =D..
And I just got my report card last week and was relived to  see all A's.  It's been a bit stressfu
l lately with the two high school classes and all.  Its definitely getting a lot harder, but I'm continuing to work hard.  I've also been busy planning parties and fundraisers for the student council.  Then there's the weekends I look forward to for breaks yet I find myself running everyday of
 them.  From one party to another.  Last weekend was fun - I had a birthday party to go with a group of girlfriends from Friday 
night to Saturday and then a Miss America Party at Kenzie's from Saturday to Sunday.  [she's in pageants and stuff so Miss America is a big thing for her] lol.  Other than that lots of things to look forward too.  [parties, retreat with church, dances, student council party, TRIP TO TENNESSEE TO SEE GWEN, etc]  My weekends are pretty much booked until March.  lol
But yeah, just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive.  Been having a bit of a hard time lately from the drama which seems like it's never ending but I'm getting through it.
  Unfortunately I don't look forward to school as much as I used to when I was little...when kids weren't so rude and judgmental, so it's though.  I've found myself crying far too many times to count in the last month.  So Gwen and I have decided I am coming to live with her soon.. =D 

  Me and My Bestie [she helps me get through it all]

I miss this..more than anything! [teary eyed] =,[
Can't wait to see you girl! 

Friday, January 4, 2008

quick update

Hey Everyone,boy have i been busy lately. I cannot believe that Christmas break is almost sure did go by fast. I sure will miss staying up till early hours and sleeping in until noon, but I sure am excited to get back and see my friends.

I got together with my best friend Kenzie a lot over break, before and after Christmas. We had a lot of fun baking Christmas cookies and decorating our gangster gingerbread house before the holidays! ;) Also just the other day we pulled a whole night er and partied all night..haha . it was pretty amazing. We didn't go to bed until 7 in the morning and then had to wake up early [like 2 hours later] to go shopping with mom. but it was totally fun.

I also had a great Christmas with the family. I was of course woken up early by little miss Sophia because she was so excited to see what Santa had brought for the tribe but that was alright. It was also fun to see all the older siblings in the afternoon and exchange presents with all of them as well.

Some of my favorite Christmas presents...

imac computer

new pink digital camera

new cell phone [with a button on the side to open it] =] hehe

new ugg boots.. very in now - a -days to let you all know ;)

Then I also went to Ohio with Kenzie and her family to the biggest water park in the United States. It was an absolute blast and I would totally recommend the place to anyone..especially families. It is absolutely great for all ages. It was called Kalahari. I didn't bring my camera up there as we were way to busy to take pics. but it was a blast.

So other than that I have just been hanging with friends, shopping, baking, hanging with Sophia, talking on the cell till 4 in the morning. haha..i was told i have to get that bill down next

but yeah just a quick update. i didnt even mention about how our power went out twice or about dad's christmas party or new years.. but i've decided im going to try to take more pics this new year, especially now that i got a new camera. but yeah, i love and miss you all...especially my blogger buddies. i think about u every day ladies....=[[[ im thinking im ready for another reunion already!!