Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Getting through it

So I thought it was about time for another post as It's been awhile.  

Time just flies so fast.... 
Well, life is crazy.  I am not playing any sports at the moment but of course I've still been busy.  Friends, school, High school basketball games, student council, shopping =D..
And I just got my report card last week and was relived to  see all A's.  It's been a bit stressfu
l lately with the two high school classes and all.  Its definitely getting a lot harder, but I'm continuing to work hard.  I've also been busy planning parties and fundraisers for the student council.  Then there's the weekends I look forward to for breaks yet I find myself running everyday of
 them.  From one party to another.  Last weekend was fun - I had a birthday party to go with a group of girlfriends from Friday 
night to Saturday and then a Miss America Party at Kenzie's from Saturday to Sunday.  [she's in pageants and stuff so Miss America is a big thing for her] lol.  Other than that lots of things to look forward too.  [parties, retreat with church, dances, student council party, TRIP TO TENNESSEE TO SEE GWEN, etc]  My weekends are pretty much booked until March.  lol
But yeah, just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive.  Been having a bit of a hard time lately from the drama which seems like it's never ending but I'm getting through it.
  Unfortunately I don't look forward to school as much as I used to when I was little...when kids weren't so rude and judgmental, so it's though.  I've found myself crying far too many times to count in the last month.  So Gwen and I have decided I am coming to live with her soon.. =D 

  Me and My Bestie [she helps me get through it all]

I miss this..more than anything! [teary eyed] =,[
Can't wait to see you girl! 


Anonymous said...

Wow! It DOES sound like you've been INCREDIBLY busy! As always, I love seeing the pictures you post! ...I hope school gets better--less hurtful.

Mr.Brian said...

Busy does not describe your schedual.
As far as judgemental people.I know how tearsing and mean words hurt.Trust me when I tell you when you finish school and look back....
Those who were snobs will still be snobs, but you will be able to hold your head high because of the wonderful person you are.
Never change Emmie,you are a wise and smart young gal with a bright future.God has blessed you with a family who loves you and can give you great things.Rise above the snide remarks and hold your head up high.
Remain the Godly person you are.
And by the way I miss the smart card Sunday posts.One would think you could at least do that for us.LOLOLOLOL
Go give your mom a hug from me.

Steffie B. said...

Can't wait for TN! ;)
Love you!

cougchick said... be a teenager again. You are making the most of it. Way to go!!!

~Amy~ said...

you are too stinkin' cute girlfriend! Have so much fun in TN!!!! I want to come over soon to see your new room and chit chat about wedding stuff!! Love ya Em!

Lauren said...

Hi!!! IM back to blogging! I totally understand what you are saying. Being a teenager is so hard especially at school. I totally agree with people being judgemental and the crying thing because that is also so true!!

Holly said...

Yes I know what you mean! School (and life) can be extremely stressful at times! Have a great time visiting Gwen and her family!

Sew Much Fun said...

Sounds like your keep busy and having fun too. Sorry about the tears, but they are useful sometimes. As you get older you'll find that you even cry over commercials sometimes!

Hope to see you in soon. Love the great pictures of you and your family. Enjoy your brothers and sisters, you'll always have them!

Gracie said...

Busy, Busy, Busy! I love the last two pictures....anyway....we miss you girl! Have fun in Tennesee Im sure youll have a blast. Know your excited to see Gwen.

nikki said...

You are "getting through it" beautifully, girl. This time in your life is TOUGH. Girls can be downright mean. I've told you before that it gets better...I promise.
You look so gorgeous! Glad you are keeping busy and having fun.
Give Gwen and her entire family a BIG SQUEEZE from me...I'm so jealous.

Miss you too and yes, we should definitely plan a get together soon (but since you are booked thru March I don't know what to say!?)


girl, i will get your room ready !! pink pink pink ... You are a light in my world too ... I can't wait for the visit ... girl talk, starbucks,and some girly movies !!! i love ya and pray for you ... school drama is never easy, but you have a light in you that shines, so look to the Father because He walks the halls with you !!!

Sadee said...

Hey emmie girl! sounds like you have been very busy! same here. But i def, miss you and i hope things get better. and i read on your mommys bolog about troubles at school and they same thing happends to me. It's so annoying! like serouisly cant someone be happy with their only life nad not be envious of others... its rediculous. but keep having fun! i love you emmie.<3 Sade