Sunday, February 3, 2008

Smart Card Sunday [just for you Mr. Brian]

the dawn of time,
God has known you 
and loved you.  He's not 
waiting today for you 
to get it together.
He's waiting for you 
to come to Him with
open, empty hands.

- Dr. Bruce Wilkinson 

If your relationship 
with God is injured, 
apologize today for your
attitudes and thoughts.
Tell God you have 
His actions and badly
misjudged His character. 
Tell Him exactly how 
you have felt and why, 
and ask Him for
His forgiveness. 

- Dr. Bruce Wilkinson 


Mr.Brian said...

Thanks Emmie,I do miss these. Maybe you can try to do these just for me.
I'll send your mom after you if you don't.
These always seem to speak to me in some way.I hear just what i need to when I need to.

verna said...

I was thinking of you tonight. Nice to see you post. I KNOW how busy teens are so I get that. I did a post on shoes. That's why you were on my mind. I know you "will work for shoes". Hope all is well. Hugs from MN

Lauren said...

I absolutely love the first one!

Gracie said...

I really like those quotes! Have a good rest of the week

Holly said...

Great post! Yes, I have missed your smart card sundays as well :)

~Amy~ said...

Check out my quote of the week...its totally for you girly! Love ya! I hope you are keeping your head high and I know you are an amazing girl!

Norma said...

Great quotes, Emmie!

Denise C said...

Hi Emmie! I am a "blog friend" of your mom....and I just wanted to tell you that I think you are a beautiful young lady both inside and out! God has really blessed you with many gifts. I know how proud your Mom is of you...and she has every right to be! You are everything I'd want in a friend for my daughter... Have a great trip to TN next weekend....that is where we live....only in the upper east part... about 5 hours away from Gwen! :(
Hope your youth retreat was fun & rewarding as well!!!
Hugs to you from a Mom who understands what you're dealing with!
Hang in there! You are God's girl...and HE will walk along side you every step!

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

Hey Emmie:
I also have a sister from China!! I love your blog!! It is to cute check mine out sometime!!

nikki said...

Just stopping by to say hello...thinking about you!
Love you sweet girl.

Kenzie said...

hey chicka.
hows it going.
i havent been on here in soooo long. im kinda confused. you have to help me. bc i dont get it. well yeah.
have fun in TN!
i miss you. :[